Martin Hurn – Managing Director of Futurebuild Events

Futurebuild: Lessons for a SMART Island.

Martin Hurn is Managing Director of Futurebuild Events, the owners of futurebuild. Futurebuild brings to life important issues in the future of the industry, latest technology, fresh thinking and the most innovative materials to keep us at the forefront of the built environment.

It is the number one destination to explore and tackle the biggest challenges impacting the built environment and beyond. Central to futurebuild is the ecobuild conference, which is somewhere that professionals from across industry, at all levels, can come together to discuss vital issues such as the housing crisis, sustainable development, climate change, the role of government… the list really is endless. But more than that, it’s a place to devise solutions and put plans into action, an arena to “think the unthinkable” and challenge the status quo.

Futurebuild 2019 finished just over a month ago. Martin returns to the Isle of Wight, where his family still live, to share with us some thoughts and reflections from the event, that could inform the challenges and opportunities here on the Island.

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