Philip O’Toole – Over-Site 3D Aerial Surveys

Philip’s background and qualifications are in Construction. He has worked in the industry for nearly 30 years in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland on Major Highways, Rail and Airport projects. He has specialised in Design, 3D Modelling and Drainage. In recent years working on commercial and residential infrastructure projects.

In Ireland, for a period Philip had his own surveying company adopting the latest surveying technology to map golf courses, farm land and Development Sites.

Philip says: ‘I realised in 2018 after extensive research I could utilise UAV (Drones) to undertake accurate aerial Surveys much quicker and cheaper than using traditional Total Station surveys.
In April of last year I completed the PfCO required by the CAA to undertake commercial operations. I can now undertake topographical surveys, site Inspections and external building and Roof Surveys with the 3 Drones and equipment I operate. I am in the process of evaluating a low light/ Infra Red Camera to capture thermal losses from buildings. I live on the Isle of Wight and I am keen to push this Technology to Construction and building on the Island.”

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